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By KH, 07/14/21, 2:00PM EDT


For Immediate Release July 14, 2021


Hamilton, Ontario - Football Ontario has a refreshed new look as the organization unveiled its new logo and name today. This rebranding brings Football Ontario into a new era with a cleaner, updated version to the organization’s design.

A lot of thought went into the design of the organization’s new logo and there is meaning behind these design choices which includes a combination of elements, linked together to create a modern logo to reflect the direction of the Football Ontario community.

Trillium Flower: The trillium flower is there to show that Football Ontario is here first and foremost to support the participants and member organizations within Ontario.

Laces: The six laces on the football represent the six regions of the province and pillars of the organization: Innovation, Alignment, Excellence, Wellness, Community, and Inclusion.

To go along with these branding changes, the organization has developed a new mission, vision, and core values to properly reflect what Football Ontario and the community is striving to achieve within the province, football for all.

Football Ontario mission statement:

“Football for all through leadership, promotion and development”

Football Ontario Vision:

“To become recognized as the leader in the Canadian Football Community”

Football Ontario Core Values:

1) Innovation - to be an innovative provincial governing body

2) Alignment - to align football in Ontario under one vision

3) Excellence - to strive for excellence at all levels by holding ourselves to a high standard

4) Wellness - to ensure the wellness and health of all athletes, coaches, referees, and parents who are a part of our game

5) Community - to foster a positive collaborative approach to building the sport

6) Inclusion - to provide an inclusive environment to grow the sport

Football Ontario’s priority is the commitment to growing grassroots football. Grassroots football is the focus on any participant stepping onto the field for the first time, no matter the age. Football Ontario is striving to make the sport as available and inclusive as possible for all to play by developing grassroots in all communities across the province.

Football Ontario is also launching a secondary logo that is exclusive to Team Ontario programs and participants. With the upcoming apparel partnership, all Team Ontario teams will be representing the brand with a new look. Keep a lookout in the near future for our new team store to purchase the new branded apparel.

Football Ontario would like to thank Paul Leich for all his hard work designing the new brand. Without his hard work this would not have been possible. Make sure you check out his website HERE for all your graphic design and sport logo needs.

As the province prepares for a full return to football, the organization is excited to launch a new cutting edge brand identity that represents the entire community. This new logo and name marks a new era for Football Ontario. An era where the province can become aligned through football.


Aaron Geisler

Executive Director


ABOUT FOOTBALL ONTARIO: Football Ontario is the sanctioned provincial governing body for football in Ontario, through its focus on transparency, growth, alignment and excellence, is engaged in providing football opportunities for all of Ontario. Football Ontario is driven by a commitment to deliver football programming, opportunities and resources for its members and the provincial football stakeholders. Please visit: