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Flag Football

Game Times

 The Flag Football Program runs Saturday mornings at St. Joseph High school (3333 Greenbank Road) as follows;

  • Mite (ages 5-7): 09:00-10:00 
  • Tyke (ages 8-9): 09:00-10:30
  • Mosquito (ages 10-11): 09:00-10:30
  • PeeWee (ages 12-13): 11:00-12:30
  • Bantam (ages 14-15):  11:00-12:30

Please note that times are subject to change depending on how many teams/players are registered. 

John Wong

Flag Football Coordinator

Notice of Meeting

Nepean Eagles Football Club

Annual General Meeting

Dear Members,

Notice is hereby given that the Nepean Eagles will conduct its Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the members on Tuesday, January 25th, beginning at 7:00 pm EDT.

Due to current restrictions surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic, this AGM will be a virtual meeting compliant with Section 4 -Board Meetings, item 4.06 of the Bylaws.

The AGM will be held via ZOOM and members must register in advance to participate in the virtual meeting. Registration is limited to Regular and Special members, per Section 2, item 2.02 of the Bylaws.

To register, please email Stephen Dean at and please provide the following information:

• Full Name of Voting Member

• Email address of the Voting Member (note this email address will be used during the AGM for voting purposes)

Registration for the AGM will be open to Members beginning January 6, 2022, and closing on Saturday, January 22, 2022, at 5pm. You must register prior to this date.

The proposed (tentative) agenda for the meeting, in accordance with the Bylaws, will be:

1. Call to order & determination of a quorum

2. Review of the agenda

3. Adoption of minutes of the previous Annual Meeting

4. Presidents Report

5. Appointment of Auditor

6. Election of new Directors

7. Adjournment

As we will be electing five (5) Board of Directors at this AGM, and the meeting will be taking place in a virtual setting, we ask that nominations are submitted to Stephen Dean ( no later than Saturday, January 22 at 5pm.

All nominees must also confirm that they accept their nomination.

The five positions up for election are President, VP Operations, VP Programs, Secretary and Treasurer.

Additional information including the ZOOM link, voting instructions, Reports and Financials will be provided prior to the meeting.

Thank you and we look forward seeing you at our virtual AGM!


Stephen Dean

President, Nepean Eagles Football Club

Football Ontario Announces Inaugural Fall Cup Provincial Tackle Championship

Football Ontario Announces the 2021 Fall Cup to Decide the Provincial Champion at All Age Groups

Hamilton, Ontario - Football Ontario is excited to announce the inaugural 2021 Football Ontario Fall Cup to crown a fall provincial champion.

The 2021 Fall Cup games will take place between the top teams in the Ontario Fall Football League (OFFL) and the top teams in the National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA) to determine the top programs in the province.

All Fall Cup games will take place on November 20th and 21st at Esther Shiner Stadium located at 5720 Bathurst Street, North York, ON, M2R 3W2. The spectator capacity for each game will be capped at 350. Tickets will go on sale soon and will be limited.

"NCAFA is looking forward to this fall provincial championship series, bringing all regions together in competition to see who has the best teams in the province. It's going to be great seeing old friends and making new ones" says Gawain Harding, the President of NCAFA.

The 2021 Fall Cup will bring in the winning teams from both the OFFL and NCAFA to compete in a single championship game at the U18+, U16, and U14 level with the winner being declared the provincial champion. 

In the U12 and U10 age categories the top two teams from both the OFFL and NCAFA will participate in a jamboree style day. U12 will be played at 9-a-side and U10 will be played at 6-a-side.

“The Inaugural Football Ontario Fall Cup will be the ultimate culmination of an unbelievable season of amatuer football in the province. We cannot wait to host the OFFL and NCAFA to crown a provincial championship and most importantly celebrate all of the hard work by our athletes, coaches and volunteers. This will be the beginning of a new tradition in Ontario which will allow us to put our sport at center stage for all to see.” says Aaron Geisler, Executive Director, Football Ontario.

The U14, U16, and U18+ championship games will be held on November 20th with the U10 (6-a-side) and U12 (9-a-side) games being held on November 21st. See the full schedule below:


    U14 OFFL Champion v. U14 NCAFA Champion - 11am EST

    U16 OFFL Champion v. U16 NCAFA Champion - 3pm EST

    U18+ OFFL Champion v. U18+ NCAFA Champion - 7pm EST


    U10 Jamboree (6-a-side) - 11am EST

    U12 Jamboree (9-a-side) - 5pm EST

The #RoadToTheFallCup begins this weekend with the first week of both the OFFL and  NCAFA kicking off their opening round of playoff action. See above the U18+ Bracket to determine who will face off in the Fall Cup. To view all the brackets and the entire #RoadToTheFallCup CLICK HERE.

"The Ontario Fall Football League is incredibly excited for its inaugural playoff season. This season - our first season back since the pandemic began, has afforded all of football's volunteers an opportunity to come together to get our kids back on the field, in a context none of us were ready for, under a unified umbrella we worked years to achieve. What an achievement for all volunteers, centres, coaches, boards, players and parents -- to be entering our first playoff season despite our context. The opportunity to have our champions play the NCAFA champions for the inaugural Fall Football Cup is just the cherry on top - a true testament to the power of collaboration, and putting the players and our sport first. We can't wait!" says Jodine Tavares, President of the OFFL.

Football Ontario is also offering various sponsorship opportunities for the 2021 Fall Cup. If you are interested in being a sponsor for the event or the organization please reach out to or fill out the interest form HERE.

Football Ontario will have three levels of sponsors for the Fall Cup:

  • Gold - Live Stream Ad, In Stadium Ad, Field Signage, On Site Presence/Activation, Social Media Features
  • Silver - In Stadium Ad, Field Signage, On Site Presence, Social Media Features
  • Bronze - On Site Presence, Social Media Features


If you are interested in giving back to the football community by volunteering at the 2021 Fall Cup or need volunteer hours CLICK HERE.


Aaron Geisler

Executive Director


ABOUT FOOTBALL ONTARIO: Football Ontario is the sanctioned provincial governing body for football in Ontario, through its focus on transparency, growth, alignment and excellence, is engaged in providing football opportunities for all of Ontario. Football Ontario is driven by a commitment to deliver football programming, opportunities and resources for its members and the provincial football stakeholders. Please visit:

Football Ontario Administration
Football Ontario

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Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund Grant

By KH 10/18/2021, 10:30am EDT

The Nepean Eagles Football Club Receives Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund Grant

In February, Canadian Tire Corporation announced an additional $12 million commitment to Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund to help sport and recreation organizations build back sport and play in Canada. Jumpstart conducted a State of Sport study via Ipsos which revealed the pandemic has not only impacted current access to sport and play but has real long-term effects as well. The Eagles and the communities it serves have experienced the impact of the pandemic first-hand.

We are pleased to announce that the Eagles recently received confirmation that we will be provided with grant support through the last round of Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund. In 2021, Jumpstart has now disbursed funding to more than 1,200 organizations across Canada through Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund. We are beyond grateful to receive this news and know the positive impact it will have on sport and recreation organizations, and ultimately, on kids across the country.

With Jumpstart’s support, we’ll be able to augment staffing to support programming as well as a review of policies and procedures aimed at enabling kids to be properly equipped in order to play safely at our fields.

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or if you are interested in joining our team.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Stephen Dean


Nepean Eagles Football Club

For Immediate Release 

July 22, 2021

Football Ontario Announces Unifying Football League for all of Ontario 

Football Ontario to launch the Ontario Community Football League to enhance football delivery in all Ontario Communities.

Hamilton, Ontario - Football Ontario and the Football Ontario Alignment Task Force are proud to announce the launch of the Ontario Community Football League’s (OCFL) which will be made up of summer contact, fall contact and flag provincial football leagues; the Ontario Summer Football League (OSFL), Ontario Fall Football League (OFFL) and Ontario Community Flag Football League (OCFFL).  The OSFL and OFFL will be the only sanctioned provincial Under 18 contact football leagues in Ontario providing a streamlined process for delivery and participation.

The goal of this new structure is to centralize and standardize the football experience in Ontario and provide contact and non-contact football opportunities for all under one unified brand and umbrella. This alignment initiative creates one destination for all football delivery within the province for Under 18 football for both boys and girls. Through this alignment the organization will create harmonized communication, marketing, business practices, policy/procedures, and football delivery across the province. 

“The work of the alignment committee, members and partners on developing this new delivery model will provide football in Ontario the strongest opportunity to return to the sport coming out of the pandemic. Clarifying to parents and participants the pathway to getting into football is essential to growing the game. The OCFL and its three provincial leagues will do just that.” says Don Hamilton President Football Ontario

The mission of  the OCFL is:

To Provide Inclusive Football Opportunities for All Ontario Communities.

The vision of the OCFL is:

To Be the Leader in Sport Delivery in the Province.

The six core values of the OCFL are:

  1. Community Building
  2. Athlete Centered
  3. Development Focused
  4. Inclusive Opportunities
  5. Innovative Delivery
  6. Excellence


This new structure will ensure meaningful competition for all of its members with development and wellness of all participants at the forefront of delivery fully compliant with Football Canada’s Long Term Player Development Model. Football Ontario will be collaborating with multiple stakeholders and organizations in the public and private sector to help drive growth and development of community football through the OCFL and its leagues. This collaborative approach to delivering provincial football will help to drive down costs and increase participation.

All of the leagues, both contact and non-contact, will have standardized age groups available for both male and female participants.

  • U10 (8 and 9 years old)
  • U12 (10 and 11 years old)
  • U14 (12  and 13 years old)
  • U16 (14 and 15 years old)
  • U18+ (16, 17 and 18 years old)


The OCFL will contain three provincial leagues, spanning over six different regions, including five different age categories; over forty community associations and provide football opportunities to over 8000 participants.  

Action kicks off this fall with the OFFL for U10, U12 and U14. The OFFL is preparing to deliver U16 and U18+ and this will be determined by whether or not high school football resumes during the fall season in each specific region. The OSFL will be hitting the ground in 2022 and applications are currently open for all centers. 

For more information please visit: HERE

Ontario Summer Football League (OSFL): WEBSITE

Ontario Fall Football League (OFFL): WEBSITE

Ontario Community Flag Football League (OCFL): WEBSITE


One community. One banner. One goal. 

#Football for all


Aaron Geisler

Executive Director


ABOUT FOOTBALL ONTARIO: Football Ontario is the sanctioned provincial governing body for football in Ontario, through its focus on transparency, growth, alignment and excellence, is engaged in providing football opportunities for all of Ontario. Football Ontario is driven by a commitment to deliver football programming, opportunities and resources for its members and the provincial football stakeholders. Please visit:



By KH 07/14/2021, 2:00pm EDT

For Immediate Release July 14, 2021


Hamilton, Ontario - Football Ontario has a refreshed new look as the organization unveiled its new logo and name today. This rebranding brings Football Ontario into a new era with a cleaner, updated version to the organization’s design.

A lot of thought went into the design of the organization’s new logo and there is meaning behind these design choices which includes a combination of elements, linked together to create a modern logo to reflect the direction of the Football Ontario community.

Trillium Flower: The trillium flower is there to show that Football Ontario is here first and foremost to support the participants and member organizations within Ontario.

Laces: The six laces on the football represent the six regions of the province and pillars of the organization: Innovation, Alignment, Excellence, Wellness, Community, and Inclusion.

To go along with these branding changes, the organization has developed a new mission, vision, and core values to properly reflect what Football Ontario and the community is striving to achieve within the province, football for all.

Football Ontario mission statement:

“Football for all through leadership, promotion and development”

Football Ontario Vision:

“To become recognized as the leader in the Canadian Football Community”

Football Ontario Core Values:

1) Innovation - to be an innovative provincial governing body

2) Alignment - to align football in Ontario under one vision

3) Excellence - to strive for excellence at all levels by holding ourselves to a high standard

4) Wellness - to ensure the wellness and health of all athletes, coaches, referees, and parents who are a part of our game

5) Community - to foster a positive collaborative approach to building the sport

6) Inclusion - to provide an inclusive environment to grow the sport

Football Ontario’s priority is the commitment to growing grassroots football. Grassroots football is the focus on any participant stepping onto the field for the first time, no matter the age. Football Ontario is striving to make the sport as available and inclusive as possible for all to play by developing grassroots in all communities across the province.

Football Ontario is also launching a secondary logo that is exclusive to Team Ontario programs and participants. With the upcoming apparel partnership, all Team Ontario teams will be representing the brand with a new look. Keep a lookout in the near future for our new team store to purchase the new branded apparel.

Football Ontario would like to thank Paul Leich for all his hard work designing the new brand. Without his hard work this would not have been possible. Make sure you check out his website HERE for all your graphic design and sport logo needs.

As the province prepares for a full return to football, the organization is excited to launch a new cutting edge brand identity that represents the entire community. This new logo and name marks a new era for Football Ontario. An era where the province can become aligned through football.


Aaron Geisler

Executive Director


ABOUT FOOTBALL ONTARIO: Football Ontario is the sanctioned provincial governing body for football in Ontario, through its focus on transparency, growth, alignment and excellence, is engaged in providing football opportunities for all of Ontario. Football Ontario is driven by a commitment to deliver football programming, opportunities and resources for its members and the provincial football stakeholders. Please visit: